Hexaya Health & Wellness

Hexaya Health & Wellness Intercontinental Hotel - Sofia Intercontinental Hotel in Sofia wanted to add a Wellness Center to the top quality level of the services. The project was optimized within the preexisting structure , with a layout tailored to the functioning: gym, wet area and 5 treatment rooms. Minimal and modern, with a careful… Read More

Belchin Garden SPA

Belchin Garden SPA Belchin – Bulgaria The Thermal SPA in Belchin Garden Hotel develops an innovative design , especially for the wet area: sauna, steam, emotional showers are contained in round elements, so enjoining the SPA is like walking in a forest. The wet area is next to the huge thermal pool with waterworks, and… Read More

Infinity SPA

Infinity SPA Hotel Savini - Igea Marina (RN) Treatment Area , for single and couples, for the totally renewed hotel. The rooms have personalized textures and indirect lights. Based at the 4th floor, all the cabins have a fantastic sea view. Read More

Plana Spa

PLANA SPA Plana Resort – Castevolturno (CS) A green oasis, between Naples and Gulf of Gaeta, within Ecoparco del Medioterraneo: here PLANA RESORT hosts those who are looking for a real contact with Nature. SPA is set at the ground floor, very close to one of the swimming lakes, and has been conceived as an… Read More

SPA Borgo Brufa – Enlargement

SPA Borgo Brufa Borgo Brufa Spa Resort - SPA Brufa di Torgiano (PG) Two years for the project, and six months for the works to the complete transformation of Borgo Brufa , with the enlargement of the SPA from 1400 to 3000 sqm)and the transformation of the whole building, to reach the 5 stars category.… Read More

Waterhill SPA

WATERHILL SPA Lafodia Hotel Lopud Island, Croatia - Photos by Enrico Caselli An island with a crystal-clear sea, to be experienced and discovered by walking along its paths, or by bike: Lopud, north of Dubrovnik, is a small paradise for nature lovers, accessible only on foot. After having completely renovated the Lafodia Hotel, a structure… Read More

Mani Manu’

Mani Manu' Nuoro Concept design for the new location of Mani Manu': a beauty center on three levels, with facilities for nails, hand-pedi, tretment rooms, finess and hairdressing. White and wood, with a red apostrophe . Read More

SPA Borgo Brufa

SPA Borgo Brufa Borgo Brufa Spa Resort - SPA Brufa di Torgiano (PG) Photo Credits: Pier Paolo Metelli The Resort is a scattered hotel, consisting of stone houses, among the green of aromatic plants, olive trees and bushes, in an area with an open sight on the Assisi hills, and the Spa relates with materials… Read More

Corso Venezia 8

CORSO VENEZIA 8 BEAUTY LIVING ROOM Milan (MI) - Photos by Denisa Babics Corso Venezia 8 in Milan is a “Beauty Living Room” : a beauty salon in the heart of the City, with an essential design enriched with gold and huge black and white flowers: functionality, simplicity and decor meet in a tailor made… Read More


Spa Hotel Rich Velingrad – Bulgaria Restyiling of the indoor thermal pool, based on the interpretation of white and use of light. as a decoration theme. Read More