Biohacking ORB

Biohacking ORB Biohacking ORB designed for WOW Wellness group,DUBAI , was selected as one of twelve finalists in the 2020 Global Wellness Summit's 'Call for Welnness Innovations' Wellness biohacks use science and technology to make our bodies function better and more efficiently, enabling us to achieve targeted wellness outcomes/benefits in minutes instead of hours. The… Read More

Chess Collection

Chess Collection I-King, I-Queen, I-Knight In a real unreal world, where macro and micro blur, the cosmotre chess pieces arise: brighting objects for passion. Read More


WASHBASINS DESIGN Narciso, Apelle, Pandora Three washbasins for Edilmarmo: NARCISO – plays with two materials, different and customizable , separated by a thin metal line, with an integrated mirror, vanity element. APELLE - simple, dichromate, multi material: each customization with color and material is possible. PANDORA – a little detail tells our own story. Read More


JOUFFLU Outdoor Sofa Collection for CAPITANI An all-round collection with outdoor, sofa, sun bed and armchair. Read More