Pistoia (PI)
The Restaurant Toscana Fair should be the expression for good cooking , and complete a love concept of tradition, that the owners, primarily busy with plant nursery and high level garden planning, wanted as a flagship to extend to the meal, the culture for agricultural heritage. Toscana Fair rises by the intent to promote the enogastronomic production of Pistoia’s area (Pistoia is in the heart of Tuscany, between Florence and Lucca), and by the purpose of using fruit and vegetables homemade produced. An old storage, barn and carpenter’s place, should host the kitchen and the restaurant. The upper level , with its dome , was the connotative element; the restyiling project mediated the preexistences, manteining the original shapes and structures, and reinterprets the elements in a modern way. The Restaurant is an only one room, divided in two levels by a step, where a brown lower volume has been created to host the toilets and some storage spaces. Wood and straw, rusted iron, corian, old whitened lanterns, wines and aromatic plants meet : the modern interpretation pretend to leave space to atmosphere and to that sense of intimacy and hospitality that distinguish Toscana Fair.