Il Sale della Vita SPA

Hotel Spinale – Madonna di Campiglio (TN)
Salt is the leading element: for its conformation, suggestively related to snow, and for its medical value: “Sali del mondo” (Salts of the world) trough a research on different salts with different origins and characteristics (marine salt from Trapani, pink from Hymalaya, marine from Apulia, pink from Australia, red marine and black marine from Hawaii) originate salt treatments for massage, hydromassage, scrub, steam, and also the “salt grotto”, consisting of a saline micronization in interior .

Each of the massage room is a mini-suite SPA : trough the complete opening of a sliding door, become a suite for two. The swimming pool, completely renewed, is now an aquatic course with several positions. The wet area is equipped with sauna, steam, ice fountain and emotional showers. The steam is a small jewel, completely lined with iridescent white mosaics and a very rich floor with large black and white daisies, choosen for their suggestion to edelweisses. White and gold are the dominant colours in the project. Walls are painted with silver reflections, the mosaics are iridescent: everything reminds the sparkling salt.